Town Board

The Hamburg Town Board is comprised of two councilmembers, all elected at-large (representing the entire Town, not a specific area), and the Supervisor. Together, these three elected officials comprise the legislative branch of our government. Each member has one vote with a majority vote required for the passage of most legislation. The Supervisor, who is the Chief Executive Officer and also the head of the executive branch of government, does not have veto power.

Elected to four year terms during odd numbered years, where only two may run at a time, councilmembers are responsible for the passage of all legislation. They are responsible for the adoption of the Town's capital budget and making all decisions relating to personnel matters and property rezoning. Every year, each councilmember is assigned various liaisons by the Supervisor. Listed below are the members of the Hamburg Town Board and their assigned liaison committees and departments. All departments are covered by these assignments as well as many standing committees and outside agencies and organizations.

Supervisor Walters 

Steven J. Walters

ext 2380                            

Department Assignments:

  • Police/Public Safety Dispatch
  • Historian
  • Finance
  • Community Development
  • Recreation/Senior Services/Youth
  • Information Technology

Liaison Assignments:

  • Personnel Rules and Regulations
  • Safety Committee 
  • Library Board
  • Code Review Committee
  • Volunteer Firemen
  • Community Development Advisory Board
  • Recreation Advisory Board  
  • Senior Services Advisory Board 
  • Youth Advisory Board 



Tom Best, Jr.
ext 2238

Department Assignments:

  • Planning/Zoning 
  • Building Inspection
  • Engineering
  • Domestic Violence Advocate
  • Town Clerk

Liaison Assignments:

  • Domestic Violence Advisory Board 
  • Seaway Trail 
  • Ice Rink Review Panel 
  • Planning Board
  • Zoning Board
  • Town Rejuvenation Committee
  • Disability Board



Michael Quinn
ext 2233

Department Assignments:

  • Highway
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Legal
  • Courts
  • Assessing

Liaison Assignments:

  • Energy Conservation Review Board
  • Street Lighting
  • Town Wide Drainage
  • Agricultural Board
  • Traffic Safety
  • Veteran's Committee
  • Shoreline Revitalization
  • Railroad Committee
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