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Hamburg Community Development

"Helping to build better neighborhoods and a better community"

We have brought in over $25,000,000 in grant funds to the town and its two villages!

Hamburg Community Development
6100 South Park Avenue
   Hamburg, New York 14075
(716) 648 - 6216

Director of Community Development;  Christopher Hull -
Assistant Director of Community Development; Timothy Regan -

The services of Hamburg Community Development
are available to all eligible residents of the Town of Hamburg!
This includes residents of the Villages of Blasdell and Hamburg.

April is "Fair Housing Month" in Hamburg, NY!
We are also celebrating the 50th anniversary
of the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1968!

President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1968

April 12, 2018 marked the local Fair Housing Month & 50th Anniversary of the signing of Title VIII of the Civil Rights of 1968
ceremony.  The event was held at Buffalo City Hall and was attended by Elected Officials, Municipalities, Fair Housing advocates, local community groups, and the general public.  A fitting tribute to the work of Fair Housing advocates everywhere!

The income limits for our housing programs changed as of April 1, 2018.
You can see the new income limits listed below for each family size.
If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Family Size:     Income Limit:
1               $41,850
2               $47,800
3               $53,800
4               $59,750
5               $64,550
6               $69,350
7               $74,100
8               $78,900

Town of Hamburg residents, are you in danger of losing your home?
Hear our radio ad about this problem affecting over 150 families within our town.
Hamburg Radio Ad
***Please know that you DO NOT have to vacate your home***
Our office offers FREE, confidential financial services and/or counseling!
You can either call our office at 648-6216
or call one of our certified, approved, confidential agencies working for our program!
We have contracts with the following two, certified agencies to assist you!
"Belmont Housing Resources for WNY" at (716) 884 - 7791; extension 330
or the
"Buffalo Urban League" at (716) 250 - 2400.
Both agencies have been hired to assist you in any way they can, FREE of charge!

Both are approved, certified counseling agencies for this program.  You have nothing to lose!
Call to set up an appointment with either agency!

6122 South Park Avenue
Hamburg, New York  14075

Hamburg Community Development offices are located in the same building as the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.  We are located between Hamburg Town Hall (6100 South Park Avenue) and Tops Markets (6150 South Park Avenue).
Our offices hours are from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

See what is in store for 2018, by viewing the "Draft" Action Plan!

Click HERE to view the 2018 "Draft" Action Plan

April, 2018 is "Fair Housing Month" in Hamburg, New York!

Among the other activities during the month, on Wednesday, April 18, 2018,
Hamburg Community Development  will be showing the movie "Selma"
at 7:00 p.m. in Room 7-A of Hamburg Town Hall.  Refreshments will be available!
Admission to this film about the "historical" events in and around Selma, Alabama is FREE!
We only have room for fifty (50) people, so it will be first-come, first-served.
Contact our office with any questions.

"Town of Hamburg to celebrate the 50th anniversary  of the Civil Rights Act of 1968"
Click HERE to read Hamburg Community Development's 2018 Fair Housing article.

6122 South Park Avenue
Hamburg, New York  14075

Hamburg Community Development will be co-sponsoring the Fair Housing Accessibility First Design & Construction Training being held on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at the Museum of disability 3826 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14226.  Contact us for further information.

The Town of Hamburg still has housing programs available for eligible clients!
We have the following programs:
*First-time home buyer "conditional grant" program*
*Housing Renovation Loan program*
*Mobile Home Renovation Loan program*
*Housing Renovation "grant" program (restrictions apply)*
Certain restrictions apply to each program!
Call our office at (716) 648-6216 for specific details.
The following chart details the maximum income allowable per family size.
This is determined by HUD and was last changed April
1, 2018.

     Family Size                Maximum Income Allowable
1                                             $41,850
2                                             $47,800
3                                             $53,800
4                                             $59,750
5                                             $64,550
6                                             $69,350
7                                             $74,100
8+                                          $78,900

 If you would like to get an application for any of our programs,
click on the specific link below and a new page will open with the application in a PDF format.
Program funding is currently available, but going fast!

(2018 FTHB Application)

(Housing 2018 Renovation Loan/Grant)

(2018 Mobile Home Renovation Application)

 The 2018 Income and Loan % Rates for our housing programs were updated on April 1, 2018!
See income chart below for FTHB limits (80% Median Income)
& Housing Renovation Loan rates per income level.

Number of People in Household Grant Program
Max Limit
(50% ECMI)
2% Loan Limit
(65% ECMI)
4% Loan Limit
(80% ECMI)
1 $26,150 $33,990 $41,850
2 $29,900 $38,870 $47,800
3 $33,650 $43,740 $53,800
4 $37,350 $48,550 $59,750
5 $40,350 $52,450 $64,550
6 $43,350 $56,350 $69,350
7 $46,350 $60,250 $74,100
8+ $49,350 $64,150 $78,900

The Town of Hamburg advocates & supports
Fair Housing &
Equal Housing Opportunities for ALL!
The Town of Hamburg is proud to be one of only
a few communities statewide that has its own "Fair Housing" law!
See our Fair Housing Law below!
For information about our law & our Housing Counseling/Fair Housing Counseling services,
please call our office at (716) 648 - 6216.

This April, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passage of the 1968 Civil Rights Act, also known as the Fair Housing Act.  The Town of Hamburg is proud to be THE leader of Fair Housing in Western New York!  Our latest update to the towns Fair Housing Law included further protections for gender, military and even had the first "Inclusionary Zoning" provision to be passed in Western New York!  Our Fair Housing law also forced changes to the towns Planning and Zoning codes to include the "Inclusionary Zoning" aspect within that portion of town code as well.  Check out the latest version of the Town of Hamburg Fair Housing Law below!

 Hamburg Fair Housing Law

Fair Housing Proclamation 2018

The Town of Hamburg is an "Equal Housing Opportunity" provider!

2016 Consolidated Annual Performance Report (CAPER)

Are you looking for a place to rent
Are you trying to advertise an apartment for rent?
Before you do anything, please read through Fair Housing law(s) for the jurisdiction you are trying to rent in or trying to rent to.
The following Fair Housing laws pertain:
New York State Fair Housing and Human Rights Laws as well as Federal Fair Housing Law.
Click here to check out these laws/protections.

Do you need help finding an apartment?
If so, then check out the following website for help!


Important links to other websites/programs:
New York State
Erie County
Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
Belmont Housing Resources
Housing Opportunities Made Equal
Erie County Fair Housing Partnership
Village of Hamburg
Village of Blasdell

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