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Administration and Personnel

Police Administration is responsible for the day to day operation of the Police Department and as the direct liaison with the Supervisor, Town Board and other departments inside and outside the Town of Hamburg. They are also responsible for preparing and managing police budget, handling of personnel issues and citizen inquiries.

The Police Administration consists of the Chief of Police, Kevin Trask and Administrative Secretary Kathy Clark.

The Administrative offices are located in the rear building behind Town Hall. Appointments can be made by contacting 648-5111 ext 2501. Usual hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.

The Police Department consists of the following:

  • Chief of Police
  • Three Captains
  • Six Lieutenants
  • Nine Detectives
  • Forty-three Patrol Officers
  • Thirteen full and two part time Public Safety Dispatchers
  • Two full time Police Clerks and one part time
  • One part time Dog Warden

The following are Voice Mail Box numbers if you need to reach a specific officer:


Trask, Kevin 2614
Dienes, Peter 2601
Budney, Nicholas 2600
Lavelle, Jeffrey 2672
Baker, John 2624
Eagan, Joshua 2675
Monaco, Jon 2726
Ugale, Nicholas 2637
Ehret, Todd 2671
Weyrough, Scott 2632
Bluman, John 2652
Boyer, Thomas 2608
Crawford, Tim 2622
Fraser, Scott 2232
Kashino, Scott 2672
Paas, Robert K. 2647
Pupo, Vincent 2635
Randall, Paul 2612
Widman, Howard 2603
Borowski, Nicholas 2714
Butera, Christopher 2649
Bullard, Jeffrey 2639
Catovic, Nedim 2666
Colling, Timothy 2659
Cronmiller, Daniel 2728
Cross, Jonathan 2656
Deming, Nina 2029
Dhand, Paul 2774
Gallardo, Daniel 2633
Gleason, Kevin 2722
Gregoire, Sean 2779
Hochworter, Andrew 2725
Horrigan, Dennis 2625
Jasinski, David 2615
Jendrowski, Mindy 2658
Kowalski, Cori 2673
Lahrs, Andrew  2570
Lichon, James 2827
McCabe, Bret 2660
McCarthy, Daniel 2675
Merlino, Russell 2777
Miller, John 2627
Murphy, Patrick 2569
Nappo, Jason 2623
Olday, David 2638
Palmer, Nicholas 2568
Stowell, William 2636
Sullivan, Kevin 2576
Rickard, Michelle 2826
Sauberan, Corey 2572
Sherry, Matthew 2657
Sulski, Andrew 2663
Taylor, Aaron 2778
Taylor, Joshua 2661
Venditti, Anthony 2662
Walsh, Chandra 2724
Wilson, Eric 2571
Wright, Jonathan 2727

Hamburg Town Hall 6100 South Park Avenue
Hamburg, NY 14075

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