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Highway Department

Ted Casey, Highway Superintendent -

Large trash pick-up begins the week of April 16th, 100lbs or one large item.   click here FOR SCHEDULE

Residential Brush Collection Schedule

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At the Town of Hamburg Highway Department we are committed to serving our residents with the highest level of professionalism and quality. While the development of the Internet has affected many things in our society, it has not changed the importance of passable roads or the ferocity of the weather. Year after year our town is faced with some of the worst snow storms in North America. Our workers step up to the challenge every time, providing clear roads for the residents of Hamburg.

However, it is the work our department does year-round that sets our staff apart from the rest. We work tirelessly to provide our residents with safe roads and excellent service. Our road reconstruction and improvement projects make driving through Hamburg an enjoyable experience, our drainage work has helped protect the homes of thousands of residents, and thousands more take advantage of our rubbish and brush collections which both beautify the town and preserve the environment.

I hope you find the information provided here to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments on our services please feel free to contact me or my staff. Thank you, and safe driving.


Winter Policies

Road Maintenance

The Town of Hamburg Highway Department performs year-round maintenance on 300 lane miles of Town roads. These are mostly local roads, such as those in subdivisions and side streets. Maintenance responsibilities include rebuilding, paving, and patching these roads so that they are safe, smooth, and ready for use by everyone in town. Major roads are typically the responsibility of the county or state.

Snow Removal

The Town of Hamburg Highway Department is on call 24 hours a day to make the 300 lane miles of Town roadways clear and safe. During the winter months we are called upon for snow removal as well as ice melting operations. In peak storm conditions we operate up to 15 plows on 12 different routes. We also employ the latest technology to melt snow and ice on the roadways. As with year-round maintenance, most major roads fall under county or state jurisdiction. The plow routes have been laid out to provide for the most efficient and safe removal of snow.


The Town of Hamburg Highway Department works diligently to assure proper drainage is maintained in the Town right-of-way.

Our storm sewers are maintained to provide for safe and efficient removal of storm water.

Although open ditches perform well, we encourage residents to enclose the ditch along their frontage since it does improve the appearance of the residential property and reduce maintenance on open ditches.

Home owners can contract with a private contractor to install pipes after obtaining a Highway permit and adherence to Highway specifications.

The Highway Department also works with homeowners who agree to pay for the cost of installation by our department. Budget restraints have reduced our capacity to install residential piping and we currently have a backlog of requests.

Brush and Rubbish Pickup



The Town of Hamburg Highway Department offers a number of services to help residents dispose of their brush and rubbish in a timely and environmentally conscious manner. The department normally has two crews move through the town from March until September collecting residential brush. These crews also pick up bagged leaves during the fall. In addition, town crews conduct a special tree Christmas tree pickup in January.

The town has a contract with Waste Management to conduct a rubbish pickup once a month between April and October. These pickups give residents the opportunity to dispose of up to 100 pounds of rubbish or one large item.

Specific questions about pickups in your area can be answered by the department's office staff.

Please note: These Brush and Rubbish Pickups are not available to residents of the Villages of Hamburg and Blasdell.

Additional Responsibilities

The Town of Hamburg Highway Department performs numerous secondary tasks, in addition to the primary responsibilities of Road Maintenance, Snow Removal, Drainage, and Brush/Rubbish Pickup.

The department is responsible for maintenance of right-of-ways for safety and beautification purposes. This includes cutting brush and removal of trees where necessary.

The department works with the Town Board to alleviate off road, backyard, and side yard problems when many residents are involved. We also regularly clean drop inlets as part of our drainage system maintenance.

The department responds to notices of excavation given by the Underground Facilities Protective Organization, protecting underground lines from damage.

The department maintains its own fleet of over 50 vehicles and a large tool inventory. The department's own mechanic shop conducts its own state vehicle inspections and 90% of its own vehicle repairs. Small engine repair, carpentry, and welding work is also completed by the department.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my brush be collected?

Each full week of the month our crew collects brush in a different zone of the town. To find out which week of the month we collect, contact our offices.

How do I dispose of oil based paint?

The county has hazardous waste drop off several times a year. Check their hotline at 858-6800 for further information and dates.

Do you collect my bagged grass clippings?

We do not collect grass clippings. We encourage you to mulch your cuttings or compost.

Contact Information

Town of Hamburg Highway Department

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Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Phone: (716) 649-7700
Fax: (716) 649-7791

After Hours Emergencies
Town of Hamburg Dispatch: (716) 648-5111

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